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25! Yes, the number carries every sense of satisfaction. Yes, the number encourages us in every possible manner. Yes, the number is less a number more a milestone signifying our achievement. Filled with satisfaction, pride and pleasure, we excitedly brin before everyone that this is the 25 year we are in the field of education.

The enthusiasum with which we started 25 years ago has not faded. Each passing year has given us achievement of this or that colour, of this or that shape, of this or that size. Each passing year has made us feel our strength and use it. also, each year has made us evaluate our weaknesses and rectify it. As a result, each passing year has uprooted some negatives and installed some positives. We are highly hopeful that the same
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Let success motivate you. Find a picture of what epitomizes success to you and then pull it out when you are in need of motivation.

Scholarship & Awards

We have been providing scholarship to each student who comes under the roof of GM College. And, awards are being awaited for students on meritorious basis for each semester respectively. Besides, scholarship granted by the university will also be given to deserving student(s).

Smart CLassrooms

Students at GM College are faciliated with spacious and airy class rooms. the students enrolled in a section can quite easily make comfortable adjustment for themselves. Every class are equipped with projectors for teaching. We have seriously tried everything possible to make ways for comfortable and effective learning.

Highly qualified teaching staff

Gomendra Multiple College consider Teaching and Non-Teaching staffs as its real asset. The members are not only educated and trained but also diligent, sincere and willing to shoulder their responsibilities even at odd times. Quality counts more than anything else at GM College.

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