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Our Voice
Our Voice

25! Yes, the number carries every sense of satisfaction. Yes, the number encourages us in every possible manner. Yes, the number is less a number more a milestone signifying our achievement. Filled with satisfaction, pride and pleasure, we excitedly brin before everyone that this is the 25 year we are in the field of education.

The enthusiasum with which we started 25 years ago has not faded. Each passing year has given us achievement of this or that colour, of this or that shape, of this or that size. Each passing year has made us feel our strength and use it. also, each year has made us evaluate our weaknesses and rectify it. As a result, each passing year has uprooted some negatives and installed some positives. We are highly hopeful that the same will continue in comming years too.

Gomendra believes that each student must be encouraged to become full, ready and exact. For this, they are encouraged to read, make conversation and write. Bacon was precise when he said, "Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man." Yes, we want our students to be full, ready and exact. We have been doing the same since our establishment 25 years ago. And, we vow to do the same in the coming days too.

A warm welcome to you all. Our arms are wide open to welcome your. Be a part of Gomendra. Give yourself a opportunity to become full, ready and exact. And,shine!

WHAT we aim at?

Imparting quality education to enhance citizens to live quality life backed with technical and vocational skills and knowledge is the only aim we have in our heart and mind. We prepare students for our such an academic and social personality under a single roof.

"Action speaks louder than words."